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Nigeria Destroys Seized Ivory in Big Push to Tackle Illegal Ivory Trade

Africa’s major transit hub for ivory export signals strong commitment to thwart trade.  In a ground-breaking move to combat the illegal ivory trade and protect its dwindling elephant population, Nigeria has successfully organised its first-ever ivory crush, destroying significant stockpiles of confiscated elephant tusks and

Nigeria’s Arewa24 Premieres Dr Mark’s Animal Show in Hausa

Wild Africa Fund is excited to announce a new partnership with  AREWA24, the leading Hausa language entertainment and lifestyle television network in Northern Nigeria and West Africa,  to expand the reach of our unique kids series, “Dr. Mark’s Animal Show”, for Hausa-speaking audiences across the

Looking back on 2023: Our work in South Africa

South Africa has a third of Africa’s black rhino, and the biggest population in the world of Southern white rhino. With more than 3,000km of coastline, South Africa’s waters are rich in wildlife, hosting around 15% of the world's marine species, including many endemic sharks

Looking back on 2023: Our work in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is home to about 100 000 African elephants, the second biggest population in the world. It also has the fourth largest population of African black rhino and critical populations of African wild dog. The country’s 11 national parks provide a sanctuary for many of

Looking back on 2023: Our work in Nigeria

Once abundant in iconic wildlife, Nigeria is now home to fewer than 50 lions, 400 elephants, and 100 Cross River gorillas. As Africa’s most populous country, conservation efforts are challenged by urban expansion, deforestation caused by the encroachment of agriculture, mining and logging, and an